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Intelllmage 2011


IntellImage™ 2011 - Advanced medical imaging software that connects to any medical modality with video output for centralized image management and reporting. With different user levels, the solution gives flexibility of capture, analysis, reporting, CD burning and printing of prepared reports. The application's simple interface and work-flow helps users to seamlessly use this system with less of training and technical know how.


IntellImage™ 2011 offers:

  • Users Manager
  • System Configuration Panel
  • Multiple users (optional add on)
  • Post processing of captured images in full screen
  • Generate separate post processed image for study comparison
  • Scroller Zoom and many other handy tools like invert, pan, crop etc
  • Transparent text boxes
  • Auto save of any text data and image    
  • Image comparison window for studying
  • Generate PDF reports in runtime
  • Separate palate for advanced analysis 
  • Foot switch for taking stills and START / STOP recording (optional add on)
  • AVI / MPEG capture for entire procedure
  • Automatic indication of captured procedure size in runtime
  • Trimming and clipping tools for captured procedure editing
  • CD/DVD Creation of study procedures
  • Customized Billing for Procedures Integrated
  • MIS Reports and data mining (optional add on)
  • Touch enabled clients (optional add on)
  • Automated backup and retrieval system (optional add on)
  • Web interface for patients for downloading reports (optional add on)
  • HD recording of procedure compliant
  • HIS / HMS integration (optional add on)
  • Live conversion of image to DICOM (optional add on)
  • Directly print from DICOM enabled film printers (optional add on)
  • Mobile view of prepared report by doctors in smart phones (optional add on)

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