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m-PACSOur state of the art mini PACS solution supports connections with all DICOM modalities. Designed to maximize work efficiency, it provides clients with better services, faster delivery of images and reports, and extended access to vital patient information for installations of all sizes. The solution securely integrates imaging and patient data.



m-PACS is flexible and user-friendly. Its simple interface allows users to seamlessly use this application with minimal training and technical knowledge.

Unique Features:

  1. Automated DICOM transmission (study images) from modality to DICOM server without  interference.
  2. Transmission of DICOM images without loss of image quality
  3. Individual patient studies or DICOM series and their corresponding reporting templates can be manually tagged with different colour sets for easy recognition when working on multiple studies simultaneously.
  4. Capable of  working with multiple monitors. Any working window – DICOM series, individual DICOM image, work list, reporting window, and basic viewer– can be used as secondary monitor.
  5. Visual indication of reports and notes for the user to understand at a glance the status of the study.
  6. Capable of working on any network backbone
  7. Storage of incomplete reports as drafts
  8. Continuous log
  9. Flexible licensing options
  10. Remote support option
  11. Supports cloud computing architecture

m-PACS  Details: System Components

I. m-PACS DICOM Server:
The m-PACS DICOM server deals with  image transmission and retrieval, AET management, user management, allocation of new workstations, licensing management, etc. It manages work lists and stores the application for queries and retrieval of images. The server can connect to any DICOM modality (CT, MRI, CR, DR etc) within the network and also has the capability of acting as storage for remote modalities if necessary telecommunication connections are provided. The server is capable of distributing studies to any location on the same network within seconds. Apart from user level security, the server also has embedded time stamp security policies to prevent unauthorized access.
m-PACS WS is the PACS workstation that can be distributed across the facility for viewing studies – both reported and unreported. This workstation provides the consultant physician and the radiologist with the basic tools (measurement, W/L control, flip/rotate, zoom/pan, full screen display, gray scale invert, angle measurement etc). The user can retrieve work lists, studies and radiology reports from the m-PACS DICOM Server and view them from this workstation.
III. m-PACS Reporting Adv WS:
This is a high end, state of the art DICOM study analysis workstation, used by radiologists across the world for reading critical images. The advanced workstation is generally installed in the radiology reporting room, from where radiologists can retrieve any studies from the m-PACS server, and analyse and report on it. Apart from the basic features, it houses advanced tools like:
▪ Hanging Protocols
▪ Floating Thumbnail Panel
▪ Cine Loop
▪ Pixel for Pixel Zoom
▪ 3D / Volume Rendering
Creation of new series from existing set of images and many more

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