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TeleRad – The Teleradiology Solution


TeleRad is the future of medical imaging.....and the future, is now!!


TeleRad is a Tele-Radiology Solution, software that allows you to networks to any DICOM modality or archive thereby connecting all remote centers to a central analysis & reporting Station. This software provides a complete suite for DICOM communication across different locations taking care of radiology images, to work list to individual patient clinical notes as reported by technicians. Radiologists at a central location can retrieve non-compressed, high quality DICOM studies transferred from different remote locations for analysis and preparing reports. The solution can also be extended to clinicians, referring physicians for them to view prepared reports along study images. The suit also provides advanced image analysis tools. TeleRad is very flexible and easy to manage. It’s simple interface and workflow helps users to seamlessly use this application with less of training and technical knowhow.


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