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TELERAD PACSServeris a robust, FDA cleared and CE marked solution to archive your medical images. It offers full DICOM compliance and is easy to use, easy to access and easy to grow. Telerad PACS Server is build over the robust platform of clear canvas RIS / PACS. It is designed to maximize workflow efficiency to provide better service to medical imaging clients / modalities by accelerating the delivery of images and reports and extending access to vital patient information for installations of all sizes. The solution includes a powerful and new-generation web interface. All functionalities of the PACS, including configuration and browsing of studies, can be accessed from a web client through a web browser with TeleRad Suite Integration, as long as appropriate privileges are granted.

Telerad PACS Server is designed as a comprehensive workflow solution that works together seamlessly with the other components of TeleRad Suite and can be implemented locally as well as over cloud.

Distribute your medical images over the web and on CD/DVD?

Telerad PACS Server enables you to automatic patient discs production (CD, DVD or BD) through robots like Rimage, Primera etc. In addition data distribution for referring physician is possible through TeleRad PACS web interface and TeleRad Suite integration


Archive for several distinct departments or centers Telerad PACS Server is able to run in multiple instances on the same server machine. Each Telerad PACS Server instance has its own configuration and it is connected to its own SQL Server instance allowing greater flexibility, scalability, high availability and data separation at storage-level and at database-level. This capability is very useful in case of large medical centers having many departments / sites.


Powerful DICOM Viewing Options

TELERAD ViEWER can seamlessly integrate with Telerad PACS Server, thus providing immediate, web-based, cross-plaftform, cross-device image viewing functionalities.

Telerad PACS Server, integrated with TWP (Telerad Web Portal) can enable you with full featured teleradiology for all your radiology studies.


Regulation Compliant

Telerad PACS Server complies with DICOM, IHE, HL7 and WADO standards. It is built on the FDA cleared and CE marked clear canvas open source solution.


TELERAD PACS SERVER: Technical Features

  • Web interface
  • Receive images from any DICOM node
  • Send images to any DICOM node
  • Import DICOM images from external disks
  • Export DICOM images to external disks
  • Image reception confirmation
  • DICOM editing
  • Merging and splitting of DICOM exams
  • Automated and manual patient disc production and printing by Rimage, Primera, HTML viewer
  • Receive HL7 messages for reporting and patient information update
  • Backup/Restore with Disaster Recovery
  • DICOM forwarding to other DICOM nodes (automated)
  • Managing of large DICOM storage archives
  • Support for 32 bit / 64 bit platforms architecture
  • Run on Microsoft Windows 7 and higher
  • Compliance with all medical standards: DICOM, IHE, HL7, WADO.
  • Scalable architecture
  • Multi-language GUI

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