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TELERAD WEB PORTAL (TWP) is an end to end cross platform, BYOD, regulation compliant web based teleradiology reporting solution. TWP can be implemented in wide area network as well as on cloud server. TWP is backed up by our robust PACS Server – Telerad PACS Server on cloud network at the back end for smooth flow of DICOM studies from different remote centres. The backend server supports all types of DICOM studies. The highly responsive web enabled user interface of TWP is very easy to understand and operate; both – the Radiologist at the reporting end and the user at the remote end are always at sync. TELERAD WEB PORTAL also comes with a cross platform web enabled DICOM viewer named TELERAD ViEWER which supports all the major tools for image analysis.

TWP can provide access to multiple user types simultaneously. Individual centres can be mapped to individual radiologists, and different such other combinations are possible. Mapping of centres to reporting clients and vice versa is a matter of configuration in TWP. Overall, TWP provides you the flexibility of radiology reporting over WAN/Internet/IP-VPN.


Are you looking for an easy reporting solution?

            TELERAD WEB PORTAL is equipped with software modules for clinical review of radiology studies on desktops, tablets and smartphones. This portal is a zero-footprint, HTML5-based, cross-device, fast and easy-to-use platform for all your teleradiology needs.


Accessing medical report through the Internet  

The architecture of TELERAD WEB PORTAL is fully web-based. With proper authentication, users are able to access their account from any location. No matter the particular client computer or device being used, it is always possible to access TWP. The web-based architecture has also many benefits in terms of ease of software maintenance: software updates are applied to the server, and they automatically propagate to all clients.





Works on desktops, tablets, smartphones

        TELERAD WEB PORTAL is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux desktop clients, on any HTML5-capable platform, including last generation web browsers, Android tablets and smartphones, Apple’s iPads and iPhones.



Multiple report operation for single study

TWP allows radiologists to create more than one report for a single study, if required (Authorized users only). The dashboard easily indicates presence of multiple reports for a particular study. User at the remote centre end can easily swap between the reports, in case of multiple reports and can take direct print from the same window.



Rich text Editor for Reporting & Patient History

TWP equips both ends - the reporting doctor and the radiology technician at the remote centre with a rich text editor which gives them the ease of writing on a MS Word type environment. The editor allows all the major features of a text editor.  


Template based Reporting

TWP has a strong reporting engine at the back end, which can store n number of reporting templates per reporting user. The system also provides option for the Reporting doctors to create their own templates for different type of studies ( eg: X-Ray Chest PA View, CT Scan Whole Body, MRI of Spine etc ) 


Search your studies with multiple criteria

TWP supports binomial search. You can search your desired study / list of studies by different combinations (eg1: All CR studies between 1Jan2014 – 12 Jan2014 coming from remote centre ABC;  eg2: List all un-reported studies a on date.



Automated updation of Status Information

The portal auto refreshes and updates the status of any reported studies automatically. Doctors can also understand from the dashboard interface whether medical history or patient notes have been transferred or the prepared report has been printed. The system also supports auto email and auto sms as plug-ins for real-time status of study upload and completion of report to radiologists and corresponding centre.   


Digitally sign your Reports

With TELERAD WEB PORTAL a radiologist can attach his/her digital signature to the radiology report that he finalizes. The signatures along with registration nos., degrees, etc. are safely stored in the database and are mapped to user login information. Provision of counter signing is also present.



Robust, reliable, supported

TELERAD WEB PORTAL is enriched with new user centric features & functionalities. Choosing TELERAD WEB PORTAL means choosing a robust, highly-reliable, hassle-free, professionally-supported, regulations-compliant teleradiology reporting solution.   


TELERAD WEB PORTAL Technical Features at a glance


  • Runs on any HTML5-capable device, including Apple iOS and Android tablets or smartphones, as well as last-generation desktop web browsers.
  • Multi-user access with different rights specification.
  • Multi-tenant application
  • Supports multiple combinational searches on studies.
  • Auto refresh.
  • Instant notification of study upload and report completion.
  • Runs on standard hardware.
  • Highly secure architecture.
  • User defined reporting templates.
  • Rich text editor for patient history updation.
  • Saving of draft reports.
  • Billing Ready Solution.
  • Customized calculations (user defined algorithms) for billing calculation.
  • Supports HTML report formats.
  • Report Printing.
  • Export billing information in Excel.
  • Co-review by peer radiologists.
  • Automated Email and SMS for study report status and study upload status.



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