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TechnoCratz has facilities to impart world class education in the medical/allied sciences industry. The area of Paramedical Sciences is an important area of primary care and the demand is also very high in this area, as there are less number of skilled and trained resources compared to the demand. It is pertinent to note that the society today is at the doorstep of a global challenge. As a nation we have gone ahead in many respects. But there are still areas, which demand attention, care and concern. The area identified by us are “global standards in Paramedical education and training.

Our experience and outreach in the Information Technology is well accepted. The mix of Paramedical Education and Information Technology on par with the higher learning strategies of the competing world is our focus at present.

Our aim is to provide trained, qualified, technical personnel in the field of Paramedical Science to support the medical profession. The objective of the Paramedical Science education programme is to ensure educational opportunities for development of skills. More emphasis is being given to develop a skilled manpower resources in form of small entrepreneurs or skilled manpower especially from amongst girls, women, SCs, STs, rural youth. The major focus of these programme are turning the unskilled to a skilled resource.

Courses Offered:

We offer a variety of courses including Bedside Assistance, Lab Assistant, Dresser, EMG Technician, Dialysis Assistant and many more.

Please click on the link below to download our Course details.

TechnoCratz Medical Allied Courses


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